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Welcome to the balalaika website !

This russian musical instrument with unique sound.
A world open to you made of many musics : Russian traditional, Central Europe, classical music, Baroque music, modern and contemporary music, even jazz and gypsy.

Enjoy ! has changed, the reference site of the balalaika has new interactive features : now you can add comments, write articles, add news, write a ad, listen to thousands of MP3, you can be informed of upcoming concerts, register ...

What do you want to see ?

Everything about balalaika in 5 min ...

(Or nearly) Everything you always wanted to know about the balalaika.

Micha Tcherkassky

Balalaika player and teacher in Paris, creator of : , Anthology balalaika MP3 and multimedia method of  balalaika.

Balalaika Orchestra Saint-Georges

French balalaika Orchestra, Petia Jacquet-Pritkoff conductor.

L'Anthology Balalaïka-Domra MP3

More than 3800 MP3 from the most famous vinyl and CDs of history of balalaika, which can be played directly from

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You can add news below and comment. (Only members can add news)
Anthology MP3 of Russian Instruments Balalaika and Domra Print E-mail
The Anthology represent 5 Volumes, contains the great records 33 rpm, 78 rpm, audio cassettes and CDs of the balalaika history : a total of more than 400 albums (3850 mp3 !) in high quality MP3 you can order from
Alexander Danilov great balalaika player, professor and director of the Rostov-na-Donu conservatory in Russia, has welcomed this achievement at the scene of the Gnesin Institute of Moscow during the balalaika festival 2006: "I have through this work could discover and rediscover essential recordings, which, thanks to Micha, were rescued from loss."

This Anthology is intended for lovers of this music, professional and amateur musicians, students balalaika, scholars and musicologists. This is a quick and easy way to discover the rich and varied repertoire of the balalaika.
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2 options to listen to Anthology (version 2)
1. Order Internet access, you can listen from
2. Order internet access + DVD-MP3, you can listen to the anthology from and you receive the Anthology DVD-MP3.
The MP3 musics are organized by categories (balalaika orchestras, bands, domra), musicians and records.
from  you can listen to MP3 and download them directly.
The DVD-MP3 option offers also complete covers of the records. Playing DVD-MP3 requires a PC or Mac, some DVD players also. Itunes (supplied on DVD) for PC or Mac, allows you to play all this music.

Content of the Anthology Balalaika and Domra (version 2)

    Number of albums Number of MP3 Musicians
Anthology Volume 1 Balalaïka
74 821 Andreev, Netcheporenko, Rojkov, Blinov, Avksentiev, Gloukhov, Tikhonov,  Danilov, Zajiguine, Boldyrev, Troianovsky, Feoktistov, Paperny, Guitline, Eltchik, Amirov, Ekkel, Gorbatchev, Kedroff, Martchakovsky, Senine, Tcherkassky... 
anthologie Anthology Volume 2 Orchestres
61 665  Orchestres Andreev, Ossipov, Radio URSS, Doubrovsky, St-Georges, Smolensk... 
anthologie Anthology Volume 3 Ensembles
73  942  Skaz, Balalaïkas de Moscou, Quatuor Ossipov, Andreev, Scherzo, Paraphrase, Russki Color, Beriozka, Kalinka, Odessa, Raspoutine, Chalov... 
Anthology Volume 4 Domra
57  551  Domra : Tsigankov, Volskaia, Bielov, Yakovlev, Krouglov, Loukine, Torgachova...
Balalaïka mediator : Petro Ivanovitch, Ter Abramov, Poustilnikoff, Polinoff...
anthologie Anthology Volume 5 Balalaïka 2
84  871  Netcheporenko, Rojkov, Blinov, Gloukhov, Avksentiev, Tikhonov, Danilov, Zajiguine, Feoktistov, Boldyrev, Sentchourov, Amirov, Eltchik, Paperny, Ekkel, Senine, Balmachov, Vladimirov, de Loutchek, Ignatieff, Zwetnow, Arkhipovsky, Trostiansky, Chebolkine, Prilipko, Akimov...
Total 5 volumes  406  3850 10 days of continuous listening!

Order Anthology MP3 Balalaika and Domra


If the MP3 player does not appear below, refresh the page (F5 key) or use the web browser Mozilla Firefox,
Otherwise you can find here an example of the Anthology MP3


These records have disappeared or their dependents have authorized the release.
The MP3 format is a high quality, though you can hear some "cracks" in some old vinyl 33T or 78t,

Main functions of the MP3 player

To navigate through the MP3 player category click +, then the names of interpreters +, then albums +.

To listen to a record click on it.

Any questions or  problem : This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


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written by Isabelle Saint Bris, 13 février 2009
Bravo pour ce grand travail qui ravit nos oreilles et nos âmes. Merci !
written by Emeline_Villenave, 13 février 2009
Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces superbes musiques en libre service !
written by Nicolas de la Ganteaume , 20 août 2009
Bravo pour cette musicoteque extraordinaire!
written by Станислав, 12 septembre 2009
Огромное спасибо!
очень полезный и замечательный сайт smilies/wink.gif
written by jeanclaude rousse, 08 novembre 2009
que de talent , que de sensibilité ! merci pour les heures et les heures de pur rêve.
written by antonios, 10 novembre 2009

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